Real Time Student Network Platform

Unfurl is a student focused networking platform to enhance

skills, explore career choices and industry knowledge

by providing them a network of resources.


Activities and Events

Interest Groups


Post a query for quick response from your classmates or seek help from your seniors. Go beyond the college and reach out your alumni in the industry or networks across the globe to learn industry trends.



Create your own personal group, add friends or join global groups to connect with like minded people in your area of interest.

Digitize your talents

Develop a digital identity and access it anywhere anytime. Digitizing can be a stepping stone in your career showcasing your true knowledge.


Skill development activities

Develop new skills and hone your talents with participation in activities like Group discussions, workshops, debates and more.


Get things done from talented students, hire fresh graduates or maximize the reach of your campaigns in a highly targetted users.


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  • “I have been in the education industry and have seen many innovations to help our students perform better. However UnfurlMinds gives us a fresh perspective of the problems we have known for a long time but could never get a handle on it. This platform can help our students build so many skills very intuitively while doing their homework, projects and things of their interest and hobbies”

    Ritika Singhal

    Vice Principle, Nurture public school