Job description

PHP developer Intern

Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AngularJS and HTML required. 

  • Knowledge of MVC and OOPS concept required. 

  • Strong skill required in AngularJS and SQL queries. 

  • Candidate should be fluent in English both written and spoken. 

  • Excellent Typing Speeds. 

  • Bachelor degree required.

Knowledge of PHP based frameworks such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CakePHP, Codeigniter, yii will be bonus.


Company Profile:

Futurica is a leading and reputed IT firm based in Pune, India who offers open source web and mobile app development platforms to its customers.

Other services will include e-commerce sites, hosting for websites, SEO optimization, payment solutions for your e-commerce site, Integration of payment options such as PayPal,  large scale custom portals, interactive photo gallery, etc. These are but a few services that are offered our clients.

The main vision we at Futurica Technologies thrive upon is to build an ambiance where our work force, their talents and skills are used with effectiveness.

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Posted : 13/09/2017

Skills :
PHP AngularJS MySql HTML
Experience :


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