We all need help, why shy away from it. Do your bit first.

Neha, an engineering graduate, wanted to pursue high degree specialization from a US university. Her queries hovered around the best universities for specialization of her interest, whether it was a good career choice, and the job prospects of the specialization. Despite the Google many students find themselves in this dilemma, whether the information is authentic? Am I missing something? It always feels safe if someone known gives the opinion. There are many situations where we need personalized advice. Don't shy away from asking for help, but do your homework first. (...)

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Ready to be employed? Not Exactly!

Employability, isn’t it the purpose of any professional degree program these students have been pursuing for last four years? Prior to that, some had spent few months of rigorous labor in attending some coaching classes to get admission. Senior secondary education should have imparted the necessary knowledge and skills. Then, why did one has to go through coaching to get admission into a degree college? Why did school or college not educate enough to be employable? Where is accountability of the education system? Even perfect scorers (having CGPA of 10) attended the coaching and college harbour the similar feeling. (...)

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Education in the age of Technology, Analytics, Social Media & Cloud

As faculty who has been among students for quite some time, I often feel what makes a student industry-ready (or place-able as some would call). Is it responsibility of education system right from school to professional college or student himself in creating on(off)-campus experiences? Many of us have been part of the race to do well in various competitive examinations, secure admission to top ranking colleges that will land us in secured well-paying jobs. (...)

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"I'm sorry... I'm so nervous"

As a teacher of communication subjects, many of my students tell me that they have a morbid fear of facing an audience. They imagine that they will make mistakes and become an embarrassment. This self-fulfilling prophecy inevitably comes true, breaks their confidence and may scar their lives and careers. If you can relate to this feeling and dread facing an audience, I recommend you read this post and watch Patti singing this song over and over again. (...)

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Want to get a good job after college? Use these tips to jump-start your career!

Recently I was invited for a panel discussion on Careers in Management at a reputed management institute at Pune. I got an opportunity to interact with around 250 students who were very excited at the same time anxious about their careers. Through this article I intend to provide guidance to Fresh Graduates (from all disciplines) who are about to start their professional careers. (...)

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