The 4th NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference


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Disruption is both destructive and creative. It ravages complacency and thrives on agility, nimbleness and adaptivity. But then it is certainly not about throwing in some great buzzwords, changing the technology stack and letting the teams figure things out. It is about managing the change, fixing the nuts and bolts and coaching an enterprise through a sustained process. Now, that you have disrupted, the next big question is how to manage that disruption!

The key to its management and success is continual reiterative learning, becoming more accurate in each new iteration and over time by collecting and analysing information in real time and making disruption manageable.

Today's leading and upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Block Chain, IoT and more are enabling this disruption.

So come along to hear and meet those who think differently and create new ways of managing the disruption


Ahy attend?
As continuous disruption becomes the new normal, you need to know and become familiar with the underlying technologies that are driving this. The NATC series is aimed at providing a runway to approaching the current technology trends that will shape these disruptions. NATC 2017 focuses on current key topics that will power disruption and aims to arm you with the tools and the knowledge that will be a critical in channeling a continuing disruptive environment into leadership roles, new products and services.

Participants can expect:
A deep dive into Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing – the world of chatbots, virtual agents and virtual assistants
Discussions around wearables - augmented and virtual reality
Transformations that can be achieved by using IoT in the legacy manufacturing industries
Distributed ledgers and Block Chains and the way they impact businesses and processes
Real-time processing and managed services with data
Containerization and virtualization
A look into how to secure the data at rest and data in transit

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