CBNF Idea-a-thon


CBNF Idea-a-thon

Cosmo Business Networking Forum (CBNF) is a publisher of B2B magazines focusing on specialized content on new opportunities, business prospects, news, stories on prominent industrialists etc.

CBNF Video

With an exponential growth in smartphone usage, and increased customer need for an updated content, CBNF has launched its specialized services on mobile app. The apps are available for downloads at Android (Play Store) and Apple (iTumes ) platforms. Through app, business owners can generate customer leads, network with potential vendors, explore new franchise and business opportunities, share ideas and industry trends.

The Challenge

CBNF is facing low adoption of its mobile app. It is interested in generating and curating ideas for increasing brand affinity among its target audience for its mobile application. Increase in download rate for the app is final objective. 

What you need to do

 - Suggest a market plan and band strategy to increase the download among the target customers.

 - It may include ideas for enhancement of features of app.

Prize Amount

INR 10,000 (Indian Rupees Ten Thousand only)

Why Participate?

The top idea will receive the cash prize and an opportunity to implement the idea along with the CBNF team. Other winners will receive mentorship and learn through first-hand interactions with distinguished leaders.  


Who can participate?

Students: Young and dynamic students from all backgrounds who wish to test their knowledge and implement their skills to real-life business cases.

Start-ups: Entrepreneurs who are building creative, profitable and scalable solutions who wish to explore opportunities for experimenting their ideas.

Working Professionals: Enthusiasts with a spark to make a real difference. Professionals with domain expertise who wish to demonstrate their extraordinary skills.


Judging Criteria:

1. Practicality of proposed solution

2. Technical feasibility and knowledge

3. Out of box thinking

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Entry Fee: