Q. How do I register for UnfurlMinds?

Ans. Unfurl is a collaboration platform adopted by schools, colleges, educational institutes and industry bridging the gap between industry and academia.
Business owenrs and students can register from the web platform or mobile application .
Teachers, TPOs and Principals can contact us at to adopt Unfurl for their institute.

Q. My school has not adopted the solution. Can I register as an individual?

Ans. Yes. You can register by entering "other" in the institute field.
However, If you like to add your school or college in the platform, Please contact us and let us know the details of your school.


Q. How do I start a new discussion or ask a question?

Ans. Once you log in, the landing page or home page is the posts. There is a form to enter your question, idea, or topic of discussion. Enter the text and click the "post" button. On click, select the groups whom you expect to respond to your query or participate in the discussion. Click the post button and you are done.

You can also share your projects, stories, files etc that you have created under publicize and digitize sections. Go to that section under publicize or digitize. From the list, click on the share icon. Select the groups and click share.

Q. How do I keep track of my questions or discussions?

Ans. Once you log in, the landing page or home page is the posts. This page displays the latest posts by default. You can click on the tabs namely "Latest", "My Questions" etc. to filter out the content you wish you browse.

Q. Can I change the question I have posted or change the groups who can participate?

Yes, you can. Click the “My Questions” tab. Now you can see the posts that are posted by you with an edit icon. On click your questions appears in a new pop-up window. Make changes in the text or the change the groups and click the post button.

Group Management

Q. How I can join groups?

Ans. UnfurlMinds allows you to join global groups or create your private groups.
Global groups are the groups created by UnfurlMinds to bring together like minded students and resource. Select “Group Management” -> “Global Groups”. You will see all the global groups you have already joined and available global groups you can join. Click the appropriate icon to join or leave the group.
Private groups allow you to collaborate with your friends on specific projects. You can initiate a new private group and add your friends whom you want to work with. There is a limit on the number of private groups you can create. So, we encourage to delete the groups once your collective work is completed.

Q. Can I leave a group?

Ans. You can leave a global group by visiting “Group Management” -> “Global Groups” and clicking the “remove” icon in already joined groups section.
You can also leave the private groups created by your someone else and added you to that private group.
You can not leave the group that you have created. If the group is not in use, you can delete the group. You will still be able to see the posts you sent to this group on "My Questions" tab

Q. How do I create a new group?

Ans. Private groups can be created on UnfurlMinds to do groups projects and assignments efficiently. Select “Group Management” -> “Private Groups”. Click the button to create new group. Use the form to create a new group. Once created, this new group will appear in the list. Click on the memebers icon to manage users of this group. Explore users from your class, school or search and add to the group.
The existing group members appear in the section above. You can remove the users if someone is added by mistake or if someone not needed in the group anymore.


Q. How do I publish a Poem, story, or something I have written?

Ans. UnfurlMinds has very robust yet secure publishing process. You can publish all your exciting work and share with friends of your choice in two simple steps.
a. Publish your work on UnfurlMinds: Visit the relevant section under Publicize or Digitize. Click the add new button, enter the details of your work in the form and submit. At this point your work is not visible to anyone except you.
b. Share with your friends: Once you have created your work, in the list view click on share icon to share an item with groups of your choice.

Q. Can I make changes to my work that I have already published?

Ans. Yes, you can make changes to your work anytime by visiting the relevant page under Publicize or Digitize menu. Click on the edit icon in the list, change the information in the form and submit the updated information. Next time users access your item, they will see the updated work.

Q. How do I share my achievements with my friends?

Ans. a. Create a new achievement item under your publicize by visiting the achievement section and Click “Add New”.
b. Once created, click the share icon to share with groups of your choice.

Q. I have my work details in documents or ppt files on my machine. Can I use these files instead of writing the complete details in the items details again?

Ans. Yes, you can use your work available offline on your machine. Visit “My Files” section under Digitize menu, click “Add New” to upload your work in the system. Now you can use this file in any new work or achievement you want to create.= or share directly with the goups of your choice.

Q. Can I share my files with my friends?

Ans. Yes, similar to your achievements and work, you can share your files also. Just click the share icon in front of the file you want to share, select the groups and share.

Q. I am reading a book. Can I share my feedback with my friends?

Ans. Yes, you can create a book item by visiting “Books” section under Publicize. Once the book item is created, click on the share icon to share with friends of your choice.
Just to let your friends know about the book you are reading, you can share the book item without the feedback as well.
To give your feedback click on the “Review” flag icon, enter your feedback and save.

User guides

Q. Where can I get more information?