Preparing Students For Success In The Global Environment


Students need help, guidance and support throughout their educational career. Complex assignments, difficult projects, exhausting internship reports can be troublesome for students. They invariably reach out to family and friends seeking advice. But, due to their limited expertise in those areas, they cannot guide them in best way. They intend to approach their seniors or alumni to get them out from the academic troubles but due to the non-existent platforms they also fail to reach them. Unfurl is committed to being on the cutting edge of innovation and this platform is the only one designed to connect students, fellow students and alumni to each other.


What is UnfurlMinds™?

It is a collaborative platform for modern time learning. Unfurl is designed specifically around students, academics and alumni with a goal to provide everything that they need to get things done in real-time. This student-centered online environment empowers you to tear down the boundaries around you and extend learning through a team based, collaborative and project-based methodology at scale. Unfurl platform entails specific features that enable schools, colleges and institutes to facilitate its students to learn with team based approach.

How it Can Benefit students?

The traditional collaboration techniques used by colleges or institutes rely primarily on emails or other available social media public pages, which are not effective in the long run because of limited functionality. An interactive and unique platform like Unfurl allows students to solve their academic issues and help them to choose the right career path as well.
This engaging and collaborative experience provides students, fellow students and alumni a profound comprehension of their complex projects or assignments by widening the range of interaction, ideas, content sharing and much more. More importantly, it helps the learners foster the competencies of creative thinking, collaboration and communication in practice.
Because our platform enables you to create a connected, engaged and collaborative learning experience for students at all levels so it has benefits for both students and alumni. Existing students learn the industry requirements, aim to develop specific skills, and earn tangible reward in terms of internships and better jobs; Alumni get mentorship opportunities. They can leverage the young talent and add them as resource to build their team quickly.

So team up, discuss and learn like never before.