Equipping students to develop professional skills


Unfurl was designed to be easy to use. So easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of mobile and internet can be able to use it within minutes. Everything is in one single place as soon as you login, whether you want to track the responses to your questions or want to keep up with new ideas, queries and discussions in your groups. Due to its easy interface and countless benefits - Unfurl is used by millions of students in different educational institutions all over the world empowering them to,

  • Work together on assignments and projects.
  • Follow discussions in your group/s.
  • Join the interest groups and ask questions directly from the experts.

School ERP

Students in traditional brick and mortar classrooms are changing the way they learn and interact. Today’s students have grown up in a digital world and demand that schools keep in step with their learning styles. The In-house features of Unfurl create a rich and engaging learning environment that allows students to benefit fully from this platform regardless of their preferred learning styles. When you use the Unfurl platform with your enrolled students, you expand their learning experience by keeping them in contact with each other and engaged in ongoing collaboration.


Students can often feel isolated and unmotivated while working on their own academic projects with little contact with teachers and other students. Unfurl not only allow students to collaborate but it also empowers them to improve their untapped skills. With the incredible features students can share their written assignments, blogs, projects, reports or any other academic achievements with their overall fellow community.

Store and Reuse Digitally

With unfurl you can,

  • Develop a digital identity of your project.
  • Store your files and all the artifacts including documentation, presentation, source code or binaries securely.
  • Create own groups.
  • Share project workspace.
  • Team up to work on a project with friends from your class or outside.
  • Access your artifacts anytime even after leaving the school or college.
  • Reuse or edit it instead of starting from scratch.